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Alison Brie en entrevista para Esquire

Alison Brie en entrevista para Esquire

Alison Brie (Community) aparece en la nueva edición de Esquire, donde hizo una entrevista y para deleite de sus fans, una sesión de fotos.

Les dejo parte de la entrevista:

I love…

…the number thirty-eight. It’s so round. It’s a voluptuous number. Eighty-eight has gone too far.

Seeing my reflection in somebody else’s sunglasses. It’s a nice way to check in with yourself.

How loud my mother laughs at her own jokes.

Giraffes, because their bodies defy nature and embrace it at the same time.

Getting a script in the mail from Mad Men.

How there doesn’t seem to be any alcoholics in Scotland, even though everybody drinks all day every day.

Trying to recall the details of my dreams when I first wake up.

My ability to say no to people now that I’ve turned thirty.

Movie theaters when they’re either supercrowded or totally empty. Your opinion is not influenced by anyone when you’re alone at a matinee. It’s just you and the movie. And crowds at a premiere or at Sundance are a special treat. At Sundance, nobody’s like, “We didn’t have anything to do tonight, so we came here.”






Si quieren leer mas, pueden ir a Esquire o buscar la revista en Mayo.

Fotos de Miko Lim
Via Esquire

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